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I believe that each Being has a Medicine to offer to the Life Web
It is like the flower's nectar or the tree's fruit
Nourishment for many living creatures
This medicine is the FLOW of your gifts, passion & goodness


What is Soul Medicine?

SOUL is our HOME
the Essence of our Being
Emanation of Universal Intelligence
The SOURCE that nourishes us
Soul is divine SPARK and creative fire
Soul is the precious PEARL we are seeking for   
Your Soul is singing her song with the symphony of life
Your Soul is your unique vibrational tone
Your essential code, your special tincture & flavour


Our Soul SPEAKS to us through intuition, images, dreams, feelings & physical sensations. 
You can listen the subtle voice in the silence of your Heart.
She knows our purpose, lessons to learn and gives us practical GUIDANCE to our daily lives. 
She empowers us to speak our truth & express our skills

​The global challenges we are facing call us to evolve into more interconnected ways of living.
Our reality is a mirror of the relation we have with ourselves. 

Now is the moment to awaken our Soul Medicines
To HEAL ourselves, our relations & our environment

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making darkness conscious "
- Carl Jung -

From Soul Loss to Soulfulness 

Our rational modern culture is deeply affected by Soul Loss:
The pandemic disconnection from the SPIRIT of all living Beings. 

We spend our precious life energy defending false identities, beliefs & perceptions about ourselves and life that are not real and we don't even know who created them. 
We are numbing ourselves with never ending distractions that are destroying our ecosystem.
We are running in a very fast motorway to our DEATH Graves, not knowing why or how to get out from there. 

Our bodies exhausted suffering from all sorts of health issues due to our toxic environment.
Our hearts cluttered with unprocessed emotions.
Our minds unable to relax, trying to control reality with an addictive loop: creating and solving problems.
Our nervous system constantly surcharged with information that doesn't nourish our need for wisdom.
We are thirsty for true RELATEDNESS but we have lost the capacity to feel it.
We search for whatever can soothe the emptiness of our life style.

"Every human being senses an inner longing that goes deeper than the longings for emotional and creative fulfilment. This longing comes from sensing that another, more fulfilling state of consciousness and a larger capacity to experience life must exist" 
- Eva Pierrakos -


The good news 
All what we seek for is just HERE
right now in our bodies
The seeds of love and consciousness are WITHIN
They need to be awaken by our focused intention
Like a FERTILE soil we nurture them by our life choices
They won't flower if we want to stay confortable in our old patterns

We are amazing sentient Beings
We can ignite our creative power and change our story
If we allow ourselves to know what we KNOW
FEEL who We are 
and choose to get out of the status quo

Remember our Essence

Our Essence is made of Ancestral Wisdom
It is our genetic code, our bones, the heart beat that wakes us up and makes life thrive
It is our SOMATIC experience of belonging to Earth
It is our Inner Shaman whispering and guiding us to unfold naturally
The Great Mother humming the ancient melody of our origins
It is the RIVER of life that flows to the ocean cocreating the cycle of birth and rebirth, again and again
Rise up, experience, learn and surrender to the eternal wholeness of emptiness


Our Essence is Higher Consciousness

It is the evolutive EROS that makes the Universe unfold, the stars shine and our hearts sparkle with grace
The Logos, voice of the future, miracles, possibilities
The quantum surprise that makes the particles and waves danse in emergence

When we embrace the truth of our experience it optimises our lives with ever expanding states of consciousness

Your body, mind and soul are the TEMPLE where the alchemy of matter & spirit takes place: the EMBODIMENT of your unique sacred expression


When our Essence shows up
is the "glitter & giggle" effect
We SHINE and we feel the BLISS to be alive

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