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Harmonize your space 

"Wherever you stand, be the Soul of that place "
- Rûmî -

Do you long to feel home where you live?

Do you want to energize the atmosphere of your workplace?

Would you like to connect with your space and listen to its Soul?

Do you feel heavy or negative energy at your house or place of work?


Have you just moved into an apartment or office and you feel memories that affect your daily life?

Your family or work team are having difficulties to concentrate or rest despite your efforts to create a cozy space?

Do you love decoration and would like advice in furnishing your home or business?

Have there been difficult events (divorce, illness, financial crisis...) and you wish to clear the energy of your house or business to start anew? 


Would you like your business to be a place filled with beautiful energies that attract the ideal clients?

Have you already hired the services of a healer without having had major changes?


Have you installed expensive space- harmonizers but doubt their effectiveness?

 It's the moment to transform & boost the vibration of your space with simple tools and become a conscious guardian 


With my expertise of 10 years in the field and dozens of harmonized places, I have developed an effective method that will target the root of the problems and bring lasting improvement

The Soul of Your Place

Full Harmonization 

✓ My method of harmonization is unique and created after many years of training, expertises and connection with the forces of Nature (more info below).

✓ This method is based on an analysis of the life energy of the property, a diagnosis of various essential factors and attentive listening to the Soul or Spirit of the place to know its experience, problems and needs (land consciousness)

✓ My work goes to the source of the disharmony to treat it, heal it and help the place move to its organic movement and vitality
✓ Once the problem is treated the place is ready for a vibrational boost to connect it with its highest potential

✓  The service I offer is not an usual geobiology, feng-shui or bio-energy expertise. I'm not going to just focus on land issues, electromagnetics or entities/magic etc. I will consider them but in most cases they only have a small impact on the whole energetic constellation.

✓  I don't use harmonizers (often expensive and ineffective)
✓ I work in collaboration with the spirits of the place, elementals, ancestors, presences and cosmo-telluric forces that will guide me throughout the work

"Since your visit we have experienced a profound transformation.

We took your advice and the core issues got better. We are more connected to each other, and we feel we belong here. Thank you Cecilia"


The process of harmonization consists of 4 steps (cost estimate, remote harmonization, on-site expertise and final check-up).

1. Cost Estimate

You contact me by email or phone with your request, problem and needs.
To estimate the cost I need:

- Full address 
Building and important renovations dates 
- Number of rooms and m2

I will inform you if the harmonization is possible and convenient with a global energy check-up and  all-inclusive cost.
I adapt to your financial situation with several payment formulas and prices according to your budget.

2. Remote Harmonization (about 2 hours)

Global analysis of the place with harmonization of problems and issues.
The work will take care of the whole property affecting the physical and energetic planes:

- Reading of the life energy & historical blueprint of the place from the pre-construction phase until the current date with significant renovation periods

- Diagnosis and harmonization of the origin or main cause of current disturbances

- Detection and rebalancing of traumatic periods and memories of the land and building

- Analysis and correction of telluric disturbances (currents, cavities, water sources...)

- Analysis and correction of harmful energies (entities, deceased, spells, walls...)

- Circulation of life energy & Feng-shui (blockages, objects, decoration...)

- Connection with the Soul of the house & Spirit of the place to transmit its messages

- Reading of the overall potential of the place


3. On-site Expertise (3-5 hours)

We will fix an appointment for the on-site expertise.

This is the most important step where we will work together. 

My main goal is that you learn to feel the energy of your place and listen its needs to become autonomous after my visit. 

The on-site intervention will have different stages:

- Sharing of important information about the work already done

Guided meditation for grounding & connection with the place

- Rebalance of interior and exterior property (land, balcony, parking lot, garden...). We will tune into the circulation of energy, blockages, memories, charged points, yin and yang parts, colors, shapes , high energy points, heart of the house etc...

- Advice for physical and energetic arrangements in resonance with your preferences & intentions (decoration, objects, furniture, colours, shapes etc)

- Time required for the integration and implementation of changes before final check-up

- Document with some key points & meditation to do after my visit

4. Final remote check-up (1-3 months after my visit)

I will contact you to have your feedback and do a final check-up. 
The effects of the harmonization are felt from the beginning and the full energetic integration can take up to a year.


Be the "Soul of a place" means to be the witness of a living environment.

We embody a gentle loving awareness of the flow of consciousness permeating the land, embracing whatever emerges

My Expertise 

Daughter and sister of architects, I grew up surrounded by a passion for living spaces.


Since childhood I had a natural sensitivity that allowed me to perceive the subtle energies of my environment. 


I wondered why there were places (cafes, shops, churches, natural places...) where you feel good and you want to go back and others where it was not the case. 


I started looking for the factors that make a place vibrate in resonance with the activity or intention attributed to it.


I observed that the structure, form, decoration, luminosity and arrangement were very important but that there were also other invisible elements that gave a unique atmosphere which impregnated the whole. 

It took me a few years to specialize in this field:

  • Expert in Traditional Chinese Feng-Shui for the study of Houses, Land and Business (Feng Shui Research Center & Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics)

  • Certified in Geobiology, Bio-energy & Energy Healing

But it is the on-site work in many houses that has allowed me to refine my ability to analyze a place with precision. I have observed that the protocols of bio-energy, feng-shui and geobiology help in the detection of many pathologies but often fail to diagnose and resolve the source of the disturbances.


A place is a complex constellation and its harmony and well-being is defined by multiple visible and invisible factors.


During all these years following prolonged retreats in nature I have further deepened my connection and reliance on the subtle planes of energy.


I have established a deep collaboration with the forces of nature and the invisible world which allow me to channel their healing messages and frequencies to tune your place to its environment. 



 A harmonization will allow you to feel and connect with your home and give you tools to become independent for future energy check-ups

✓ You will have tools, advice and problem solving in relation to your request, need or concrete situation


✓ Advice for all practical needs (decoration, furniture, renovations, space arrangement etc)


  Complete and long-term rebalancing

Contact-me with your request

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