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soul sessions

Awaken your Flow


All Sessions via Skype

(English, French & Spanish)

Soul Medicine Session

1h30 - 150 €/CHF

Soul Medicine Program


Soul Wisdom

3 Sessions 1h30 in 6 weeks - 425 €/CHF 

Are your longing to experience "Soulfullness"? Live more connected to your Soul?

soul medicine sessions

Sessions via Skype  

1h30- 150 €/CHF

・ Reading of your Soul movement & evolutive messages 

・Connect with your inner Shaman & your spiritual support to guide your path

・Reveal and embody your Authentic Self, higher potential, soul gifts & true purpose 

・Embrace your moods, fears, doubts & challenges to listen the needs of your soul

・Learn how to navigate life crisis, heal & transform blocages, trauma, repetitive patterns & transgenerational karma

・Shadow Work (face your shadow self) 

・Energetic Sovereignty (boundaries & protection)

・Bring more clarity, joy, response-ability & meaning to your life

Rainbow Mandala 2 Art Print by halycyoni

soul medicine program

3 Sessions via Skype

  425 €/CHF


In this 6 weeks program we will work together for 3 Sessions of 1h30 to Awaken, Reveal and Embody your Soul Medicine


You'll get all the benefits of the individual Soul Session with a deeper focus and follow up

This program is for you if you're ready to make a quantum leap and bring authentic transformation in your life

Frequent Questions

What is a Soul Medicine Session?

Soul Session is a safe, trusting, loving, attuned space for you to experience your Soul.
Your Soul is the most loving, old and wise part of yourself.
She is connected with Infinite Source.
She knows how to navigate your life challenges and fulfill your deep longings.
Soul is the bridge between human knowledge and Divine Wisdom. 

True Essence emerges and shows up when we are deeply felt & seen in our core movement, our unique frequency. 

Our Soul awakens often through painful turmoils & crisis. Its the way of life to crack open our ego-armour and emanate our true light. 

How I do the Soul Sessions?

I tune into your Soul Akashic Wisdom. This is like the  iCloud or Subtle-net which holds the blueprint of your life.

I create an unique nurturing space for subtle attunement of your body-mind system with the higher vibration of your Soul. 

During the session I give you feedback to feel and connect with your Intelligent movement.
This felt experience will guide us through the whole session.

Sense of humour is a very important ingredient during my sessions to sparkle your creative inner child. 
Together we listen, track and reveal light & shadows. 

We tap into your visible and invisible ressources, gifts and potentials.
We unleash your blockages, inner beliefs, blind spots, traumatic, frozen and painful areas embracing them with  awareness, space and integrative consciousness. 
We'll work in a systemic and somatic way going through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers and gradually open to karmic, transgenerational and cultural dimensions. 

What matters to me is that you make the sensory experience of being connected with your own truth and bring this into your daily life.

Who can benefit of Soul Sessions? 

You are welcome wherever you are in your path.
The sessions are created for anyone who: 

✓ Looks for profound self-healing, self-connection and empowering of their inner wisdom

✓Intuitive & sensitive empaths who need clarity, deep foundations and grounding to keep their conscious evolution

✓ Longs for a safe & clear space to awaken their personal and unique connection with Source 

✓ Is living a profound life crisis (burn-out, grief, divorce) as an awakening call to listen to his/her Soul

✓ Is ready to see the truth of their repetitive patterns, projections and shadows to embrace them

✓ Is exhausted of healers, gurus and confused energy/spiritual practices and desires to come back home to their own alignment

✓ Desires to feel home and at ease in their body

✓ Wants to develop a connection with the Invisible World  (guides, ancestors and teachers) 



After a Soul Session  :

∙  You'll feel more grounded, inspired, connected, confident and present

∙  You'll start to fall in love and trust the amazing beauty, goodness and force inside yourself

∙  My guidance is clear, honest and support who you are and what you already know

∙  You learn how to navigate your emotional turbulences and life challenges 

∙  You'll feel more empowered and ready to take decisions aligned with your truth 

∙  You'll find  inspiration & ressources to nourish your projects

∙  You step into Soulfulness connecting your higher potential with your daily life

sable rose

" I recommend your Soul Sessions to everyone looking for authentic transformation. To anyone who wants to take the lead of their life and be conscious about their decisions "

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