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"I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books. 
I  have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me"
- Herman Hesse -


Welcome to Soul Medicine

This is my personal offering

The fruit & nectar of a life walking the inner journey of self-awakening.

For the past 10 years I've been working with individuals, groups, houses and business  bringing healing & reconnection with Essence, Spirit and Life's Intelligence.  

My gift is to tune yourself into your Soul's song. Your body-mind is a fine instrument vibrating the higher frequency of your original Source. 

Since I'm a child I connect with the Invisible World.

My antennas perceive the colourful energy fields, emotions, thoughts and intentions behind words and physical forms. I can feel when a person, group or environment are connected with their essential movement or when they are playing out protective masks limiting their creative flow. 

For me the key to authentic transformation is about embracing the truth of whatever is emerging, light and shadow. It is about trusting and surrendering to the Evolutionary Impulse. This creative force is pulsing in our hearts and breathing in our cells. It is the loving wisdom of our Souls always available to nourish our seeds, ignite our calling and express our gifts.   

My method of work is based on creating safe space, grounding presence and higher attunement. I invite you to connect with your felt experience, your organic way of knowing what's best for you. You'll start to experience how your intuitive intelligence moves and guides you. 


The most amazing moments in my work are when I witness Essence arising with its special flavour, colours and beauty.  Like a spring flower blooming after the winter or a rainbow after the rain I have tears of gratitude for the Mystery of life.


This is why I'm doing what I do. 

"I love your deep listening, humbleness & clairvoyance that is very precise and clear.
You let my wisdom emerge" 

IMG_6397 2.jpg

                                                             My path

I was born in Madrid, Spain.

I'm living in the mountains of Switzerland. It's here in the land of Gruyère where I've found deep nourishing roots, among milky cows, falcons & pine trees.

I love to create ritual spaces to pray, sing and relate with the Intelligent Forces of Nature.
I started very young to talk with trees and have mystical experiences with luminous energies. 

Mine has been the path of the Wounded Healer living a Dark Night of the Soul searching for Divine. I’ve personally experienced the challenges of family breakdown,  burn-out and depression.
As a  sensitive empath girl I struggled every day to "function normally"  in a big fast polluted city. I had to close my inner senses to protect myself. I had to focus on external goals, pleasing other's agendas and looking for meaning and value everywhere but inside. Behind the happy masks there was an ocean of loneliness, shame and grief. There was a burning longing for inner fulfilment and freedom, not attached to outer circumstances.
Painful life crisis were the best teachers to awaken to Infinite Presence. The inner voice of Spirit guided me to a profound transformation. I left the white & black paradigm of separated self-perception. My soul revealed new gifts and territories more joyful, loving and connected with my purpose.

After many years of spiritual quest, healing and shadow work, a sense of true belonging to Life started to flow deep within.
I'm a witness in a continuous process of conscious evolution.


                                                      My Background 

The foundation of Soul Medicine are my own inner revelations, healing tools and practices of the last 25 years. 

My academic background (Master in Law & Human Resources) and working experience in corporate field and social education have allowed me to explore the current mindset of Business, Institutions and Organisations based on unhealthy separation, competition and fear based values. 

My method of work is an embodiment of many trainings, initiations and certifications in the field of Energetic and Mystical Healing, Individual & Collective Trauma, Traditional Chinese Feng-Shui, Shamanism, Higher Consciousness, Evolutionary Relationships, We-Culture, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Danse Therapy & bodywork.

For the last 6 years I've been in a personal retreat giving much time and space to learn directly from Mother Nature, and from the whispers of the Divine Spirit within. 

I  bow down to all that I have shared & received from Nature,
guides & mentors,  wisdom traditions, family & ancestors,  
spiritual sangha, soul companions and friends, visible & invisible, human & no human, known & unknown. 

I honor especially these teachers who have deeply touched and inspired me:  

Thomas Huëbl 
Jean-Yves le Loup 
 & Dominique Aubert 
Patricia Albere
Stephen Busby 
Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan 

IMG_5459 2.jpg

La Musa 

My Soul Medicine is subtle, funny, colourful and very feminine

I call her La Musa

She is always present & available to welcome where I am with infinite kindness  

Specially when I'm lost, fragile and vulnerable

She gives inspiring breath, nourishing guidance and grounded support in all circumstances

She challenges me every day to align with what is true, right & good

She asks me not to compromise myself with the distractions and illusions of the marketplace

She is made of fire & thunder, she ignites, sparkles and transforms 

She is made of crystalline water, she clears, flows and nurtures

She is made of pure wind opening my vision to fly and create new possibilities

She brings fertile soil to flourish my dreams

She helps me to love, embrace and celebrate life in all forms, every day deeper & stronger

She is an expression of the Divine Feminine, Sophia, the Mother Soul of the Cosmos to whom I dedicate my work and my life

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