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embody your wisdom

unleash your potential 

"Remember, the Entrance Door to the Sanctuary is inside of You"
- Rûmî -


Hi I'm Cecilia, 

My passion is to see your Essence and connect with your Soul Flow.

I help you reveal your intuitive wisdom, feel your inner compass and be guided by your Soul's Whispers.

This is the sparkling, powerful Medicine of your Soul that brings authentic transformation, deep fulfilment and sense of purpose to your path.

my offerings 


Soul Sessions

Awaken your Flow

Flash guidance 

Evolutive Insights for your Path

Soul of your Home

Harmonize your working & living space

Info Soon

SOUL GUIDANCE is intuitive, grounded and clear guidance to help you live in Soulfulness connected to your Source of intelligence

Soul Sessions 

  • Zoom Sessions

  • Experience your authentic Soul Flow

  • Energy Reading & Soul Messages

  • Awaken your inner GPS to guide your way

  • Empower your intuition & perception 

  • Get clear about your next steps 

  • Open to higher love & ressources to move with trust

Flash Guidance 

  • Readings in Zoom or audio/mp3 

  • Higher vision & inspiration for your life questions

  • Guidance for your path, relations, work and energy of your house/business 

  • Connect with your Source Wifi 

  • Move beyond fear & doubt to flow into your Soul's purpose

  • Boost your projects with your Soul Medicine

All services are available in English, French & Spanish Worlwide

some lovely feedback...

"You are a Soul Midwife"

"Thanks to our work I could touch my Essence"

"Your intuitive guidance delicately goes to very deep intimate places,

healing flows organically, my core shines"  

"Infinite gratitude for your profound and life changing offering"

Soul Whispers 
Rejoins mon cercle et reçois mes inspirations & mon actualité 
Join my circle and receive my news & inspirations

Merci! Thank you!

I work honouring & listening the Intelligence of Life, Source, Unified Conscious Field

The creative masculine & feminine principle 

The Ancestors, the Sacred Medicines & Spirits of Earth, Human & Sky.

 Animals, plants, minerals, other than human kind, land, rivers, oceans, mountains, trees, suns & stars

All here remembering us back HOME

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